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GB NXT wearing its design experience hat dabbles into the booming digital sphere with an approach to deliver its client partners a human centered perspective towards their digital businesses and products through Design Thinking and validating it with its allied marketing services.

Our initiative Leap of Faith for Digital Innovation focuses on practising the concepts of Design Thinking, Design Sprints and related tools with varied stakeholders to create effective solutions expeditiously with end consumer in focus.

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What is leap of faith?

With the dramatic rise in digital technology, there’s a desperation for business owners, leaders and managers to quickly and effectively actualise business ideas amongst the existing and disruptive competition. Companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Uber are using Design Thinking because it is pure Innovation at its core.

Our two-day Innovation Accelerator Program will focus on the fundamentals of Design Thinking through interactive and activity-based experiences, debates and discussions. With our unique Billboard Design Thinking approach, we will demonstrate how you can solve a business problem with minimal knowledge of the problem at hand and most importantly how to do this at speed. Exclusive to this event we also invite you to be a part of the pre-release of our book “Design Thinking Moderator” that dabbles into the lessons learned from facilitating over 100 Billboard Design Thinking sessions from across the globe.

LOF Design Thinking Workshops

Design Thinking for Innovation Workshop

Design Thinking is mandatory for Innovative organisations. Design Thinking works because it addresses the ineffective way we communicate. It works by structuring and sequencing conversations in ways that make logical sense. By doing this the right information is stacked and structured to address any business challenge and demonstrate the most logical way forward. Design Thinking doesn’t just work for Information Technology. It works for everything! People. Process. Product. Places.

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Due to the immersive nature of the workshop, the class size is small.
Get a copy of the corporate presentation for detailed workshop information.

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The Team

Bernard Schokman

LOF Key Workshop Facilitator

Bernard Schokman

For the last decade, Bernard’s focus has been across three core disciplines - User Experience, Design Thinking and Innovation Frameworks

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Joshua Landua

Joshua Landua

A passionate, creative and strategic problem solver with 12 years experience in Project Management, Product Strategy and Business Development.

Joshua Knight

Joshua Knight

A genuine interest in empowering people and embedding capability in businesses around the globe.

Sean Mcquire

Sean Mcguire

A Design Thinker who believes well-executed Design Thinking workshops bring extraordinary value to Organisations.

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